November 13TH 2019



11 AM

Genesis Trio

Markus Masaites, Nina Weber and Jonathan López

Markus Masaites, Nina Weber and Jonathan López



The Genesis Trio, founded by clarinetist, Jonathan López, violist, Nina Weber, and pianist, Markus Masaites, has come to be known as one of the premier chamber ensembles at the University of British Columbia. Established through a shared passion for performing and love for chamber music, the trio has performed for a variety of audiences, garnering city-wide acclaim. Additionally, its members have performed across North America and countries including Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, the UK, Austria, Italy, Ghana and China. In 2018, the trio was invited to perform at the renowned Brevard Music Festival and the following year took first prize at the 65th Annual Friends of Chamber Music Competition. This past summer, the three performed for thousands of students in El Paso, Texas and took part in Ensemble Connect's Audience Engagement Intensive program at Carnegie Hall. They have since been designing and presenting interactive music performances for all kinds of audiences.

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